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When we first traveled we thought you had to have everythign you have at home. Now we take one travel size (overhead airline size) bag for each of us, plus one small case for cameras and makeup/medication. We still see passengers trying to navigate with three of four bags for a 7 day crusie. On a long cruise of 30 days we still take just one bag but it is a larger one. There is laundry on board so you don't need a change every 24 hours. Leave all the pillows and stuffed animals at home. Carry small travel size items. The ship provides a hairdryer so don't be tempted to stuff one in your travel bag. Bottom line----take only what you really need. That does not mean three swim suites and two formal dress up outfits. Take items you can match or coordinate ---like three tops and one pair of pants. Formal nights are just not formal anymore so cut way back. About shoes, take only the minimum---not a color for every item. Whe packing---roll---don't stuff the times into the suitcaes. You will be surprised how much room there seems to be when rolling and packing neatly.
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