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Default Dining Options

On the Celebrity Board there's a thread dealing with carrying trays in the casual dining areas...which eventually led to the fact that trays are disappearing completely...which then led to discussion of the disappearance of formal, or main, dining options for mid day meals. Apparently, Celebrity has opted to discontinue opening the main dining room on port days...allegedly due to declining attendance. I consider this an unfortunate step in the wrong direction for cruise lines (assuming, as has been the case with other "cost cutting" options, other lines eventually follow suit).

I happen to prefer meals being served aboard ship. That's one of the little luxuries that cruising offered. I have always been satisfied with the meals served in the main dining rooms of the various ships and have not elected to take advantage of the "alternative" dining restaurants. When that concept was first introduced, as AN alternative restaurant, I thought it was a nice idea, but the price I paid for the cruise included meals and I chose not to pay the "cover charge" that was added to the alternative venues. I have THAT option back home on dry land! Now, cruise lines have expanded the alternative dining idea to include a myriad of options!

The dropping of main dining room lunches leads me to wonder whether the next step will be conversion of ALL main dining rooms to "specialty" restaurants and ONLY including buffet dining with the cost of the cruise! Or, returning to CLASS codes, with FIRST CLASS passengers getting dining room privileges and STEERAGE passengers only allowed at the buffet line...without trays (or bring your own mess kits???). Just kidding with this last suggestion...I hope!
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