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Originally Posted by Mean Dean
Plantation-grown teak is a sustainable, Earth-friendly, economic-friendly natural resource. Plantation-grown teak trees are planted on farms, grown to maturity, and harvested. In their place new trees are planted, and the cycle continues. Teak wood is a remarkably durable wood species, resistant to all forms of attack. Teak has a remarkably high silica content, and is extremely oily for a hardwood.
Furniture crafted from teak wood is generational……..
Teak furniture crafted today will be enjoyed by my children. And their children. And their children……….
It is for this reason we have two such teak lounge chairs on our home deck. Their comfort brings back all our wonderful sea travel memories. Before purchase however we did verify that the supply of teak in their making was from Plantation-grown trees. We purchased them on line in the late summer season and acquired them for only one hundred dollars (Canada) each. Lucky us.
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