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Do you mean when the ship stays late in port? I know when we were in LaHavre last year we missed usual our dinner time as our excursion did not return until 8 pm.

Not that it mattered, we still could have had dinner. The ship had an open seating that day for the dinning room, but we opted for the lido restaurant, as many others did that night. This did not surprise me as Paris and Versailles were over 3 hours away, so those of us that chose those destinations, were very late returning to ship. We had been 6 hours on the road, just traveling to and from our excursions.

I did not mind. We had a late dinner in the lido restaurant. It was not a problem. Although it was cafeteria style, our plates were served for us-it was not self serve, a waiter carried my tray to the table and we had a waiter who filled our drinks and also offered us a chance to order wine or alcoholic drinks. I was fine with that, especially as I was exhausted from the long drive and excursion that day. I had no desire for a long dinner that would take 90 minutes to be served.
I do believe that is why,perhaps they have discontinued this service. Many were like me, simply too tiered for a 90 minute dinner.

Perhaps you could pick that night for the specialty restaurant?

Now, if you mean on days the ship leaves port at 5pm that Celebrity is discontinuing their dinner, I would not understand that. I would dislike that also.

As far as lunch, I have not been on a ship yet that served lunch on a port day. Normally on port days we use the lido for breakfast as it seems we always have early excursions. so I would not mind breakfast and lunch being discontinued.
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