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Default Iowa/Idaho

Hi hawkeyes, As you can see I'm not from Iowa but spent some time there this year and loved it.
As for cruises, have only been on two so far, neither one was a "singles" cruise but cruised "single" on both. Carnival cruise was more fun, Holland America cruise had better food.
3 tips:
1) Meet and Greet is a great place to meet other singles
2) Adult Comedy shows are fun, get there early so you can sit near the front, but not front row center unless you want to be part of the show
3) Check out the piano bar, can be a fun place to mingle with other singles even if you don't like all the music
When you are on the cruise and tell people that are not from the midwest that you are from Iowa, ask them if they know where Iowa is. I am amazed how many people I meet that have lived their entire lives in the U.S. and have no idea where Idaho is.
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