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Default Re: illegal substaces?

Just got off a cruise in Vancouver.. But one couple got off before us with four big men in dark uniforms at their side. The couple were in handcuffs.. They were in a cabin about two doors down from my cabin.. We had the same cabin steward so after they left I asked the steward what that was all about.. He said that they had pot in their room and the cruise line brought a dog on board while they were on shore and out of their room in San Fransico.. I asked why they were not arrested in San Fransico and he said that the charge would only be possession of a substance in San Fransico, but if they were arrested in Vancouver the charge would be the smuggling of drugs across a boarder in to another country.. He said the smuggling charge had a manatory jail time and the possession charge maybe did not.. So a guess jail time gets worse if there is a smuggling charge than if it is just a possession charge.. Anyway I found it to be very interesting.. I hope they had a nice time on their cruise be for they got arrested..OM
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