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I couldnt hardly believe my eyes when I came upon this thread!! At first I wanted to be darn right P.O'D! But ya know I have to laugh at some of the small minded people out there. The "trash", seriously?! I myself have tattoos..4 to be exact. And ya know whats funny is...I get SOOO many compliments,usually from older people,men and women..but I never get so many compliments then when I am on a cruise!! Why do people get tattoos the questions been asked...lots of different reasons..why do people go to art auctions on cruises and bid and win some god awful piece of art?? Because to them its a piece of art they cant live without. Thats how I feel about 2 of mine.....the other was in honor of my late great grandfather, its a peony flower, he always had pink peony bushes in the side yard..its something ill always remember him by. And the 2nd one was just cuz!!
If ya dont like it DONT LOOK!!!!!!! Your on a CRUISE!! Look at something else like a palm tree or a glacier or whatever floats your way
With all thats wrong in our world today we still have people worried about what someone is tattooing on their body....GET A LIFE, GET SOME CULTURE....and be happy