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Default Keeps Getting Better

Well, i have to say that the more teens in washington is a weak argument given the limitations to a cruise ship. There are nearly 100 other teens onboard in my bracket, not i've taken into account the daddys girls/momma's boys, the weirdos, the geeks and the too cools, and theres still 25 that should show up. Howeverm day 3 has come and gone and no avail for the teen program which is a syame because the directors are really cool peeps and theyre set to make a real party happen. I digress...

So today just added onto the excitement of the Grandeur of the Seas. This morning we had a guy-line break loose from the dock and cause the gangway to become loose for a while till they fixed it, thus holding up traffic. All of the pools have been closed since yesterday for "maintenance" with welding going on in them and will be closed for the duration including the "Mardi Gras Pool Party tonight at 11". When we got off the ship this morning for my 1 and only port of call, the sky turned black, fell down and hurricane winds whacked us back onbord before ever reaching the city. Luckily, it slacked up about 1 and i decided to say "F" it and headed down to Carlos and Charlies...this is where the weather turned for the better. It started with a tip to the waiters that it was my b-day so they ALL crowded around me and shoved 5 sex on the beach shots 4 jello shooters and a yard of something down me, and then gathered all the girls in the place and made them all hump dance on me to "Candy Shop". Afterwards, i started talking to a group of the opposite sex from the Fantasy in port with us and for the next 2 hours we had a good time...i'll leave it at that. Then we made our way to Fat Tuesdays....Margaritaville and i had to say goodbye as they headed to their ship and i headed to senor frogs in my port.....the saga continues. After getting the b-day treatment from the froggers, they threw my ass in the pool and started a conga line and about that time the weather began to turn and i hauled ass back to the ship along with some other ppl from our dinner table.

Tonight i saw a pretty good magic show and lots of teens (esp. teen girls) in the theater which makes me wonder....where are they all day. must be hang with mom and dad weekend....anywho

Now we're headed homebound but the weather SUCKS and this ship is ROCKING and my once in a lifetime experience at C&C, Margaritaville, FTues and SF is catching up. Wish me luck and pray tomorrow is kickass.

Oh yeah and theres a divine possibility that i'll be on:

Monarch of the Seas

January 23, 2009- 3 night bahamas cruise

We'll see

thoughts, oppinions and comments welcomed, i'll check back around 2aM hopefully......
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