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Originally Posted by Dave the Wave
Originally Posted by skymaster
As veterans of over 100 cruises, and 22 on Carnival, we have noticed the difference as well. It's not bad,,,,just not as good as it once was.

That is pretty impressive. That is 5 a year for 20 years! Or 2 a year for 50 years and I know you are not that old! I am still working on getting to 20! :evil:
Dave, I've been cruising since the '70's, so that's coming up on 40 years of cruising. We didn't do as many in the beginning, but last year we did 6, and it's been quite a few a year for several years now. They do add up! As far as my youthful appearance goes, it's just all that "clean living" and sea air that keeps me young.

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