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Originally Posted by Mike M
I used the "$20 Special" bag as a laundry bag and was able to do two of them for $2.00. (the cost of the detergent)

Not a bad savings for a few minutes of actual work.

I don't understand why they didn't charge for using the machines on the Jewel. They only charged for the detergent. Carnival is $2.00/load for washing and somewhere around a $2 for drying.

My wife and I leave this afternoon for Barcelona and to board the Jade. I now will budget for a couple of bags into our budget. Like Beenie, we hate lugging a bunch of luggage around the airports.

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I think both Princess and HAL charge as well, I know one of them does. That is why I made the comment most lines don't have self laundry, I was thinking in the terms of "free"

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