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Default Re: Progresso Mexico Beaches..

Originally Posted by lhp
Originally Posted by LeeandKelli
Hi everyone;

We are looking at booking a cruise that stops at Progresso, Mexico. We like beaches and snorkeling. I see Carnival offers a shore tour called Corona Beach Break for about 40.00 p/p. Are there beaches right near the ship or is this a good shore tour to book? We would like something where we could buy a drink or two and lounge around. 8)

Any help would be appreciated!

Lee & Kelli
This road continues along the beach. Hubby and I walked it earlier this month....all the way to the end. There are some older homes that are kinda cool looking at the end. One word of warning...there is a large yellow building on the beach that is run (or owned) by an American.
While it looks very nice and clean (and I am sure it is) ....there have been many complaints about this place padding their bill.

This guy is outside "hawking" his place all day about clean restrooms, toilets with real toilet seats and toilet paper...and apparently people trust him because he is an American. So be aware....

Another neat thing to do is pay $2 per person and take the 20 minute tour on the double decker bus. It just gives you a nice informational tour of Progresso and some history. And it is only $2!

You can also get massages on the beach for $10 -15 dollars for like 30 minutes so something like that.

Unfortunately, this is not the "clear, blue Caribbean water" kinda beach...
the water will be do not plan this as your "beach day"...

but there are several good places to grab a beer and enjoy the sun and sand.

We just returned from the Fantasy cruise to Progreso and Cozumel this morning. We have been to Cozumel many times, but this was our 4th visit to Progreso. I have to say that each time we visit, the port is nicer and cleaner. We feel very safe there and usually just go on our own, although there are several excursions to Merida and the Mayan ruins available through Carnival and in town. Those that are booked in town, as you exit the shuttle bus are just as good as Carnival's but cheaper.

We did go to the restaurant mentioned above (the big yellow building) and spoke with the "American" - he is not the owner, but we went based on his recommendations. The food was good, the restaurant and restrooms were very clean and nicely decorated. It is a fun experience and our bill was not padded at all. We ordered a Pina Colada and a Strawberry daquiri. They brought each of us two small drinks. The drinks came with chips, bean dip, a very good salsa and another appetizer (I don't know what is was called). We then asked for the melted cheese dip. It was delivered in a medium sized bowl with a few soft tortillas for us to make wraps.

Our total bill, including an 18% tip came to $14 US. We did not feel that this was at all expensive and even added another $6 tip for our waiter. I had planned on posting a recommendation for this place when we returned and even got an e-mail address for them. (They also have a real estae office).

I have not unpacked yet, so I don't have his card with me, but the sign in front of the restaurant said "El Mirada" - I asked about this and found that it was not the name of the restaurant - that was a disco club upstairs which was open on Friday and Saturday nights. That would be an easy way to find the restaurant though.

We also recommend the $2 double decker bus to get your bearings around town and a beach massage. We each go a 55 minute massage for $15 each and it was great.

We spent a little time there this time in the local market area which was full of fresh fruits, veggies, flowers etc and found it very interesting. We made a little foray through their supermarket (their version of Wal-mart) just to see what was offered there. We always find this interesting when visiting other countries.

I have never cared for Progreso in the past, but I did enjoy it this time. They are improving it each time. I just hope it doesn't get as commercial as Cozumel.
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