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Last cruise on RCI was on Freedom in April 2008. Two problems.

1. Husband and a friend decided to go for a drink in the Viking lounge one night. The bartender kept walking past their table, took orders from people who came after them, and REFUSED to answer when either one of them tried to get his attention. THey even walked over to the bar and were STILL ignored. There was one waitress in the club and when the men were getting up to leave after about 45 mins without service, she pulled them aside and said that she would serve them but she couldn't be seen doing it as the bartender told her not to serve them. Neither of these men had had anything to drink that night, and were not being loud/rude/offensive, etc. It is worth noting that both are minorities, and the waitress was also a minority, while the bartender was not. The waitress mentioned the bartender said he did NOT serve minorities. One is american, the other, canadian. So the waitress serves the men their beers and they are on their way, but feeling very offended. We did go to the service desk and spoke with the manager of all the bars onboard (forgot this person's name and title), and he seemed very bored with the complaint. The men did mention how helpful the waitress was. He apologized and said he would look into the matter and let us know how it would be resolved. We never heard anything else. We did NOT write a letter of complaint afterward, but it seems like we should have.

Also on the same cruise, our cabin steward did not attend our room at all for 3 days of our 7 night cruise. We called for towels several times and it took HOURS to get towels. We eventually just went to the pool and got towels from there. It was much quicker, although probably not the preferable way to get towels. We also went to the service desk over this. They asked why we didn't say something sooner. We did this every day, and were asked the same thing each time. We never did see our stateroom attendant and finally asked another attendant if he would give us some towels. We did not even receive an apology for this.

However, we are still going on another RCI cruise. I've always cruised them.
Serenade OTS 10/2005
Freedom OTS 9/2007 and 4/2008
Majesty OTS 2/2009
Monarch OTS over and over and over again
Carnival Imagination 5/2009
Oasis OTS 2/2010
Grandeur OTS 3/2010
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