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I realize this is hardly a timely reply since the original question was posted in 2007, but some one may find my insights useful. Besides, I love to leave comments.

I just so happen to have cruised on both the Magic (in January 2006) and the Freedom o/t Seas (in February 2008) so I can offer some eye witness account information on both ships.

Both cruises were with the same two families, including 4 adults, two older boys (17 and 18) two teenagers one girl and one boy (13 and 14) and two younger girls (5 and 7). The listed ages are for the first cruise on the Magic. Add two years on the Freedom cruise.

Both ships are beautifully decked out, with lots to see and do, details you can find elsewhere, this is just a comparison. The meals were excellent, the service excellent, the entire guessed it, excellent on both ships. Both ships go to great ports with fantastic things to see and do while in those ports. I found Disney a bit more structured in the way they handle the excursions. Lots more Disney crew helping out and directing people, providing more assitance. The Freedom didn't leave you stranded, I just found more attention on the Magic. The Magic has both subtle and overt Disney everywhere. If you don't adore Disney you may quickly overload. The two ships have big differences in activities for both kids and adults.

Disney is very family oriented with lots of things for mixed age groups. Shows, events, numerous movies (all Disney or Pixar, of course) that kind of thing is usually meant for both adults and children. The kid zones (or whatever they called them) are very structured and all day. There is no casino on the disney ships (no loss as faqr as I'm concerned) but there are lounges set aside just for adults with some entertainment that is inappropriate for the little kiddies. I'm not talking burlesque but some of the comedians were a little more risque. There are also three pools, one kiddie, one family and one adult for getting away from the kids.

Freedom has numerous activities but lots of them are geared for one age group or another, not a lot of mixed age stuff. The kids zones were a bit of a bust for the kids, or so they told us. There is an ice rink but it is open for only short periods of time since several shows are performed in the area. There is a very tiny theatre that was difficult to find running good movies. The flow rider and rock wall had very long lines. The casino took up a huge portion of the ship and since I don't gamble I find that room wasted space. Many of the shows were okay for family viewing but not entertaining for kids. The whole feel of the ship was different. I attended several events, a couple wine tastings, a bourbon tasting, a guitar hero challenge, a karaoke event, that were very poorly attended. I marveled that on a ship of 4000+ passengers only six were interested in a wine tasting or guitar hero. It was not unusual to see the same 20 or so people involved in any event. Aren't the other people on vacation too?

In my not so humble opinion, if you love Disney, if your idea of a good movie has a G or PG13 rating, if you have younger kids or are a young kid at heart, the Magic is for you.

If you prefer the night life, cabaret music, adult humor and movies (again, not porn just risque). If lots of kids running about gets on your nerves or if you are going with only adults and older teens, go the Freedom.

Personally, I love Disney. I love G rated movies. I like comedians that don't feel a need to swear. Also, since I have kids, little ones crying or running around doesn't bother me at all. For me, it will be Disney from now on.
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