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Default Re: Carnival club 02 vs Royals Caribbean fuel..which is bett

Originally Posted by clubo2marcus
Hi guys as a Club o2 director with Carnival Cruise for over 4 yrs, we are always looking for new and better ways to make your Cruise expierence better. If you have taken a cruise with carnival or royal and expiernced there 15-17 yr old programs, please tell me

1. The difference between Club o2 directors & Fuel Directors
2. what program was better
3. why it was better
4. what would you like to see from the Teen programs in the Future
5. any other comment you would like to make about the 15-17 yr old program.

Thanks i look forward to your input

Club o2 Director
Carnival Imagination, Triumph, fascination, esctasy, sensation, Victory and Pride
1. The carnival directors are usually more involved with the activities. comparing my RCI cruise to my Carnival cruise the teen director on Carnival was younger and understood "us teens" more than the RCI teen director.
2.CARNIVAL! I love club o2!
3. The actual club was overal more exciting. and the activies were alot better on Carnival.
4. I would love for them(directors) to try and get teens involved who didnt come to the "mingle" at the beginning of the crusie. Some first time cruisers dont know that that club o2 is actually alot of fun.

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