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awesome responses guys, please keep them going, the more responses we get the more we can inprove your Cruising expierence.
The teen director has been a very important part of cruising since 2005. The cruise Industry has dertimed that 12-17 yr olds will become the face of the industry in the many years to come, and they have spent millions of dollars on teen clubs on every ship to accomodate you.

For Carnival we try to hire directors who age from 21-30 so they are able to relate to you as much as possible. and of course all directors are not the same. You can have some real crazy entergetic directors who love to have fun.or you can have a director like me who is more laid back, and who likes to be seen but not heard to much.

as far as getting more teens to show up to teen activities during the cruise. well that usually is your job to find teens and bring them to the club. The more word gets around about how much fun it is, then usually the " cool " teens will show up
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