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Originally Posted by nmnita
Originally Posted by bcirish
IMO with HAl you get the best of both worlds - you can bring wine on the hsip with you from the ports and drink it in your room and then they offer you several options for wine with your meals. On our first cruise with HAL we brought a couple of bottles with us and got a wine card which we shared for meal time. When we were finished with the first card, we decided if we wanted another and could use it brfore the end of the trip. ON the next HAL we got one wine card and one mixed drink card and again we shared them. It was a longer trip and we used both as well as the glass of wine on our veranda as sailed away. The best part is that you do not have to do it immediately - you can kind of watch when you get on and ask aabout prices and then make a decision. I thought that all had to be decided up front so was a bit frustrated. Once we embarked we found endless opportunites to get a card - so don't worry about it. Once you are on - ask questions about the wine available on the card and by the bottle and you can even opt to buy your own ashore and bring it to the table but be mindful that there is a cork fee for that which IMO is a bit high.
the $15 corkage fee is high but standard. I think I read celebrity now charges $20.00. The thing about bringing your wine on, you can consume it in your cabin. We love to have a drink or two before dinner or in the afternoon when we are relaxing..


Actually, the corkage fee with X is $25 and has been for quite some time!
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