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Originally Posted by johnsmom
OK I know there is going to be rumblings on this thread but here I go--- Dave I think that you are one of the most immature people I have read on these threads. It seems to me that you are a middle aged wanna be gigilo who needs a bib to catch all the drool upon seeing a pretty girl. Which believe it or not I don't really care about. But when you start making jokes about large sized ladies (and by the way, I think the girl you are ragging on is really quite pretty) that's when the line needs to be drawn. Acting like a middle school kid is so immature it's not even funny. Normally I don't rant like this on these posts, but this is ridiculous. Get a life.........
YOU get a life... if this joke bothers then you have some serious problems.
Sorry Dave... I didn't mean to stand up for you but REALLY!
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