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Originally Posted by Snoozeman
Originally Posted by bahamamomma
Ahhh Man - that's not fair!! Here's my dilemma - I'm on the same cruise - have already paid - I'm sailing with my group of 8 and we're all sailing with a local radio station morning personalities -

I guess I can say hi and let you all know that I'm a cruisemate while on the ship - wish I could join your parties (hint, hint) hopefully I'll get to meet all of you!!
However it works out we will be having open parties where you can join us. I'm sure we'll return the pirate party and pajama party and they can't both be at the same time as our cocktail party. We'll work it out.

Well, then looks like I have something to look forward to more than just a cruise - getting to meet all these really neat CM's!!! I'll be sure to watch the boards for any and all info!!

Thanks to all who had encouraging words about my "dilemma"!!!
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