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Originally Posted by Ainsley
im hoping that my suitcase isnt going to weigh 50lbs by the time i get finished with packing... if it does we have a severe problem.. haha. but im trying to keep in mind i CAN buy stuff in virginia if needed, like personal items. and shoes if something happens to the 2 pair im going to take with me.. they do have stores there and my bff has a washing machine so i can wash my clothes. so im hoping that little fact will help with my packing.
that happens to me sometimes. my suitcase is over 50 lbs and when we get to the airport to weigh it, my dad has a fit and starts transfering some of the stuff into our carryon (to reduce the weight of the checked bag...). and keep in mind that this is all outside newark airport at 6:00 in the morning.
he was not happy....
bottom line---weigh your suitcase BEFORE you leave!
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