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I have never been bothered much by Kids in a restaurant, until they go OTT. I dont mind kids being kids, but when they overdo the horseplay and bring other peoples safety in doubt, then I act. I go directly to the parents, speak sofetly and outline my objections about their awful kids.
I then report them to the Maitre D', and if the situation does not improve I go to the hotel director.
Its the poor wait staff who also suffer. The are trying to be nice being attentive and having spoken to the Waiters, the kids are so demanding, their parents more so, and then the parents "Stiff" the waiters by not tipping for the kids. I have heard this story so much.
I am also amazed by kids dining habits. Some cannot hold a knife or fork correctly. Some dont know how to use a napkin correctly. Many talk with their mouth full, and many dont know how to drink from a glass correctly. It is sad that so many of the kids have no dining etqiutte !!
The old saying..."Children should be seen, and not heard"... applies !
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