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Good Morning Irish, Ken, Delft and all who follow.

Ah but it's a glorious Saturday as well here in upper East Tennessee with a high projected to be 74. Interesting day yesterday. Things such as cell phones and now this new ICD I have amaze me.

I was really feeling poorly yesterday, just no energy and I was of course quite frustrated. Just about the time I was thinking what a bummer, the phone rang. It was the Cardiac center 40 miles up the road saying they wanted to see me as soon as I could get there, that something was up with the ICD.

Long story short, I'd gone back into Atrial Fib and one of the leads may also have been withdrawing a bit. The Biotronik Technician came in with what looked like an overnight bag which contained his computer and using what looked like an optical mouse which he placed over my incision, got all sorts of info which then printed everything out on a tape. Then, using his computer the Tech resubmitted new directions to the Pacemaker part of the device right there in the room and without me knowing it, changed the parameters of my heart rate. He said I'd soon feel better and by the time we got back home I did. What started the whole affair is that my ICD had, unknown to me, transmitted a report that was sent by a special cordless phone typ device on my nightstand in the bedroom directly to Biotronik who then immediately notified my Cardiologist.

I now perceive at least another IV dose of Versed and yet another attempt to cure the Atrial Fib in the near future. Ah well, I'm feeling fine now.

How the above accompanied by some of the other electronic devices that are so common to us today work , nevertheless amazes me. I'm still boggled that I can pick up a very small telephone, call a number and within a few rings be talking to someone travling on a highway 30 miles West of San Diego. It's almost frightening.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and special prayers continu for all who whom need them along with requests for Blessings on everyone!

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