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Default Re: Cruise Ship Sex Survey

Originally Posted by Paul Motter

This article reports that few vacation destinations provide a better place to emotionally and physically connect than a cruise ship.

A new survey found that:

• 28 per cent of Canadians have taken a cruise.

• 44 per cent of Canadians who have been on a cruise have had sex onboard.

• 58 per cent of cruise-goers aged 45 and up have had sex aboard a cruise ship, demonstrating that sexual maturity brings many benefits.

• In comparison, only 33 per cent of cruise-goers under 45 have engaged in sexual relations.

• Cruise-going Quebeckers are less likely to have had sex (22 per cent) than the rest of Canada.

• More than one in ten Canadians indicated they would be more likely to have sex on a cruise ship compared to a land-based resort.

• Quebeckers are significantly (26 per cent) more likely to say that they would have sex aboard a cruise ship than at a land-based resort.
I'm Canadian and a Quebecer... does that mean I get to have double the amount?

Does matter anyway. I can guarantee that I have had sex on a cruise ship. In fact, many cruise ships! (No. I am NOT going to list which ships, which positions and with who. I am a gentleman, after all.)
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