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Default Re: Calica or Cancun?

Originally Posted by jetskier
Originally Posted by Thoth
Originally Posted by Gary & Deb
Our cruise is scheduled to go to Calica but we have a choice of taking a tour of Cancun. Don't know anything about Calica but have always wanted to go to Cancun. Any suggestions?
According to Frommer's Travel guide Calica is..."where there is little more than a pier". Apparently the place is merely a rendezvous point for shore excursions.
That said there are some enticing tours departing from Calica. One of course is Cancun which is listed at 6 hours.
Calica is just a rock quarry used for docking the ship. The real tourist stop is Playa del Carmen. If you decide to take the trip to Cancun, you will get a chance to stop at three shopping areas. They will also take you over to the beach for about a 10 minute photo shot.

If you are up on your liquor prices, some things are cheaper in Cancun and other things are more expensive. The Mar Adentro which is the citrus/tiquila blend in the bottle with sand in it is $34 there. In Cozumel, it is $54.

Watch yourself. On my Dec 4th, 2006 cruise our table mate who went to Cancun got crushed and bruised when the bus doors closed on her unexpectingly. On our Sept 22, 2008 cruise, we had a lady on our tour to Cancun cut her hand severely in a shop at the first stop when the shop door caught her.

I do have to say they took care of her very well. They had an ambulance take her to the hospital with the tour guide. They were able to catch back up to us at the third stop.

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I agree with you on Playa Del Carman. It was simply lovely when I went through there last. There are those who claim that the Cancun tour is over-rated. One spends much time in transit to and from. The beaches can't be any better than Playa Del Carman, Costa Maya or Cozumel's.
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