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When we were onboard Constellation this past November, we went to the alternative dining on 3 occasions. I highly recommend it. I believe for the first night, we made the reservation through the buffet manager. We requested a 4 top window table at 7 p.m. We were so impressed with the fact that our request was honored and the service was wonderful, we opted to book the same time/table for two more occasions, but we did that through the maitre' d at the alternative restaurant in the evening. My husband spoke to him after our first night's dinner and said how much we enjoyed it. We asked him if it would be a problem to make a standing reservation for a couple more nights, and he said no problem. One night we actually had our regular waiter from the dining room. Seems none of his diners showed up in the formal dining room so they sent him to the alternative dining that evening. We had a lot of fun with him that night. It is usually a venue where they are training waiters for the main dining room, so the servers go out of their way to make a good impression. It is recommended that you leave a $2/pp gratuity, but we left more than that since we received such wonderful service.

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