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Oh, so is this where all of us insomniacs hang out? Well really I was not having trouble sleeping until d/d started having one of her awful coughing fits. So I got up to give her some meds to control it. Now am just giving it a little time to see if she is going to stop coughing and go back to sleep or not. At 8:00 I need to call the Doctor to get something much stronger like hydrocodone or something to stop the coughing. The poor little thing was really hacking last night.

The cat is sitting on my keyboard drawer, leaning against my chest, with her paws on top of my left wrist. so typing is a wee bit of a challenge.

Delft and TN I also happen to have a Smith Corona word processor / typewriter gracing my garage. It was kind of a key in my transition to the world of computers, but gosh that was a very, very long time ago. I am not sure why I still have it aside from the fact that I have several short stories I wrote many. many years ago saved on discs, who knows where and the discs can only be read by the typewriter. I think that when we have our garage sale in June it would be a worthwhile endeavor to try to hunt down the discs and see is I can still recover any of that stuff, and then see if I can unload the behemoth.

Well d/d cough seems to have subsided a bit. I will check back in a little later at a more reasonable hour. I am going to try to get some more rest.

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