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Default Re: Don't yell pl. Formal night


Originally Posted by You
Yeah I have read so many opinions. But here goes. Formal night on Alaska cruise, Princess. Is a long black dress with a jacket ok or considered "formal"
Yes, that works!

But from a standpoint of packing, you might want to consider bringing a shawl rather than a jacket since a shawl is easier to pack and will take less space in your luggage.

Originally Posted by You
Even If I went out and purchased a sleeveless gown or short sleeve gown I would be too cold and would be covering it up anyway.
I am not the type that likes real frilly type clothing, but still want to be dressed nicely.
Thanks and yeah if you want to yell, go ahead
Princess's "formal" evenings officially are "modified black tie" rather than "white tie" so you don't have to wear an evening gown. Either a full length dress or a formal cocktail dress would proper.

And you probably will see a few arrogant boors who won't dress appropriately....

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