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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat
We are D+ now anyway (29 credits) but I can really see a problem. So many people have worked diligently to get to D. They are going to forgo this now and move on to other lines that are offering the same thing for less.

At this point, I believe Princess has or will have as of July 1, better perks.

We noticed on our last couple of cruises they have decreased the coupon book to make it basically worthless. There were only 2 coupons worth using for us anyway.

Now they are even going to take away the wine tasting and make it more "upscale" for a small charge!! yea right.

We will be spreading our wings as well. If one of the other lines comes up with the cruise we want from Dubai to Barcelona I would even consider changing that.

There aren't much by way of incentives now.
Your RC friends are in an uproar though. I guess Adam did not confirm these changes with them first. Tse.

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