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It's your fault, Keki, you changed a glorious 4 formal night cruise to a two night. Don't use your clout for me!
I was thrilled with the idea of formal evenings. How often do we get to wear dress up any more now that we are beyond prom night age. Why did you spoil it for us, would it kill you, a cruiser, to buy a soft silk jacket and wear it with some dark jeans. How "comfortable" is that!
I had accepted the invitation to cruise because it it is about the last venue I could dress up. I bought a sequin blouse and wore it with a black skirt. Of course I wore a black jacket over my bare shoulder for dinner, but by then was too tired to go dancing. If I could have a few more dressy nights with other elegant people around me, I would have been charmed.
But, Keki, you cut the fun down to just two nights.
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