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Default Customer Service on Costa Cruises

This was my 3rd cruise (I go on a cruise with Holistic Group every year)on Costa cruise liner. Before I was on Costa Magica and this year on Costa Fortuna. I was assigned cabin #7285 - an inside cabin without a window. When we got to i found out that the cabin smell like a smoking lounge. Somebody was smoking during the previous cruise. When we started to complain to steward and house keeping services, they came only with a spray bottle and a brush. They did try to sanitize it. They tried twice. We did not unpack. After all those effort it was impossible top stay in the room longer then 10 minutes.My roommate was allergic to cigarette smoke and was getting reactions. We did complain in customer service and they said that there is something wrong with my nose. Supposedly 3 members of housekeeping crew went to the room and didn't smell anything. We were told by Costa customer service that there is something wrong with our sense of smell. We brought members of our Holistic group who are vegetarians and are very sensitive to any smell. They confirmed our sensitivity to smell of cigarettes, basically the room smelled like an old ash trey and they wanted us to sleep there until they will find another room. We had to wait in lounge are without unpacking until the ship will disembark and all passengers will be on board so then they will know if there are any vacant rooms to switch. It lasted way over the disambarkment time, until 10PM when they found a solution to move us to different rooms.
Don't you think that Costa should inform passengers about smell like that and not try to make me feel like a fool because of my oversensitivity to cigarette smoke. Do you think that Costa should closely monitor who is smoking and where?

We were vastly upset with their treatment of passengers. How can you tell someone that there is something wrong with their sense of smell?
People who are on vegeterian diet and are not using heavy perfumes are much more sensitive to smells of the environment. And it was used against us???? Sensitive people are not welcome on Costa cruises?

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