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Don't be testy Irich. What they told you about HAL losing money if they changed the flight is true. Do yo think any other cruise line would have been different? If you do you are mistaken. they offered you a fairly inexpensive upgrade to first! It is always easy to find someone who feels they have been mistreated, by any line. Check it out for yourself. Cruise lines are a business. They are in business to make money. Like every other business they are having a very tough time now. They don't really treat anyone very well under bad circumstances. And though there are always exceptions to every rule, usually anecdotal ones, they are virtually all the same in that regard.

In your case, it is very difficult to see what it was exactly that you expected them to do You can get (and should have) medical evacuation insurance in case of serious injury. We always get it though we have never needed it.

BTW we always arrange our own flights, and if it is a very long flight, like to Hong Kong, London, or New Zealand, we use tons of miles from mileage plus to upgrade to business class.

Once again I'm sorry things didn't work out to your satisfaction.
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