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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat
Originally Posted by Kuki
I agree with you - but the company lays down the rules not me. There are a couple of us who have refused to charge the $100 but the agency owner can get cranky.
And that's a horrible decision by the company, and honestly I'd never deal with them.

I'm Canadian, and haven't dealt with a Canadian cruise agency since my very first cruise. I advise all Canadians to look for the best deals they can find, and those are sadly normally south of the border.

The good news, they are a phone call, email, or click away.
However you can have issues if something happens such as the Conquest fiasco this week.

If you book with an American agency or direct with the cruiseline you have absolutely no recourse.

Out of curiousity Kuki, do you buy insurance and if so, where? Insurance bout from an American carrier actually doesn't cover you for anything.

I also don't agree that all the best deals are found in the states by far.
Conquest tours wasn't a good example... they were a Canadian company.

In the case of RCI they force all agents to sell for the same price (which I hate because they force customers to pay full price, prohibiting agents from discounting.. thereby denying me the ability to shop for better prices).

I've run the CruiseMates group cruise program for 10 years, and have yet to find a Canadian agency who could compete with the bids I get from agencies south of the border.

Canadian travel agencies take advantage of Canadian customers because the vast majority don't shop for prices elsewhere. Canadian agencies don't really have to compete on price, so they rarely do.

At least up until recently a large percentage of Canadian agencies were a part of Encore ( a consortium of sorts), and most offered the same price.

I have to admit I haven't shopped for bids with a Canadian agency for some time, so I suppose it's possible the situation may have changed.

As for insurance, I've used Travelex, Travelguard, and Access America, and I've got full coverage as a Canadian. Their web sites have listings enabling Canadians to purchase insurance. They operate as International companies.
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