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Originally Posted by nurseypoo5
Dont be scared tho, or you will sike yourself into feeling bad. You willknow soon nuff if your gonna get seasick.
This is true... on my first cruise, I actually didn't think about it much, but for some reason my tummy was starting to get sick and then all the "stinkin' thinkin' started....
"Oh my goodness, I'm already sick, I'm not going to make it, what's going to happen, are we going to have to cancel, how much money are we going to lose... etc, etc... " "I haven't left the dock yet"
My nerves got the best of me, the whole idea of the cruise was too exciting and I suppose I had a few butterflies, which led to a panic attack... I couldn't wait to get to the room to get the sea sick pills we brought.. by the time we were allowed in our room, everything was fine.

Boy that was a close call....
And I haven't taken a pill yet.
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