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I have been home for a week from cruise #7 and FIVE of my seven cruises have been SOLO cruises! I choose to cruise solo becuase I am free to do what I want, when I want, and for however long I want. No one restricts me from going to bed early because they are tired and if I don't go with them they won't get to sleep (which leads to crankiness and crabiness the next day). I don't have to be a tour guide for anyone, I don't have to meet up with anyone for this or for that. I am free to go and do as I please.

I book balcony cabins, so for four of my five solo cruises I have paid 200%, but to me it is well worth the price. I have had cabins on Decks 6, 7, 8 (twice), 9, and 10. I prefer Deck 9 and 10 a close second. Something about being close to the action on Lido deck and Lido and Panorama cabins are just that...

I've cruised twice with my mother (and one time we took my niece) and I can safely say that it is BORING to go with my mom as she wants to crash at 10pm when I usually am good for another two hours!!! I missed the BIGGEST party on the Conquest for Mardi Gras last year (ON the actual day of the BIG Mardi Gras party and not just the night they have the deck party). I was fresh and ready to go til midnight, nope, mom won't get to sleep if I wasn't in the room....Uhm, ya, she would have cuz within seconds of hitting the pillow she was asleep and snoring constantly until the next morning...

Please, go solo to discover how much fun it can be!!!

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