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Quote: Subdued maybe.. but we felt like princess felt they were doing US the favor by allowing us to sail with them..

That sums up my last experience on the Pacific Princess as well. I won't get into detail on the board, but if anyone is interested, PM me and I'll share more.

I will say on my last cruise, I stopped and wrote a 2-page complaint. I told the Cruise Services Director that not only do I work for a hospitality company in Human Resources, but am a board moderator for

I actually waited until the 10th day into the cruise to do this and although did not enjoy pulling this card, felt that they could care less about my passenger expereince if I didn't continue to speak up.

When my partner booked a family cruise (for 20 of us last year!), we were not sure. His parents were funding the cruise and we wanted to make sure we got the most value and service for our dollar. The travel agent at Virtuoso said, "If you're from the East Coast or West Coast, you won't want to go any lower than Celebrity." I didn't understand that until my last cruise. I live in SF, our friends who are from Boston were also on this past cruise and their feedback is similar to ours. Neither of us will go back to Princess. It's too costly for us to take that risk again.

Oh well...Vote with your dollars!
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