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Originally Posted by annista
I am new to this site. I am sad. My Celebrity cruise on the Summit was not a good one.

I had no operating shower the entire cruise and had to go many floors up to use the shower by the adult pool. I had one little bar of soap all week, despite asking the cabin steward for more toiletries and soap. One sheet was dark green and the other was white, the entire week. The window had so much humidity between the glass that I could not see out. The floor and shower stall tiles were black with mold and mildew (I have many photographs). There was a huge pile of dirt and hair in the corner (I have photographs). The shower curtain was literally shredded and dirty at the bottom. (I have photographs.) The sink plug wouldn't hold the water. The mirror had a wide band of black all around it.

I was injured - not only by hitting my toes on a large industrial cart that was left in the hallway (the front wheel which I could not easily see at first, was sticking out into the hallway), and then by tripping on an uneven sink hole under the carpet while limping to the dining room after injuring my toes! I tried to see a nurse or doctor or at least get some surgical tape to tape up my toes but I was given every excuse in the book (doctor is at dinner, medical centre is closed, can't have tape unless I pay to open the medical centre and pay to see the doctor and pay $35. for a little roll of tape).

I was charged on my credit card in triplicate for my cabin, even though I had already paid double to go alone. Essentially, I was charged the equivalent of six passengers. It took one month to get some of the charges reversed.

I wrote emails to Celebrity but they said the safety hazards were not reported by me, to them, ahead of time, (before I was injured) so therefore they are not responsible. ? I have this in writing. Is it just me, or are most injuries due to unforeseen safety hazards? However, I see many posts on both this site and that state that the passengers complained of construction materials being left in the hallways and passengers being scalded by showers that didn't work properly, in the fall and winter of 2008 and 2009, so Celebrity was well aware of these problems. Obviously these safety hazards had been reported by others many times and Celebrity was aware of them and did nothing to prevent them or my injuries.

Right now I have been denied any type of compensation or refund by Celebrity's risk department and after 6 weeks of being told that someone from Customer Service would call me regarding the photographs of my filthy washroom, I have heard from nobody. I sent them photographs of my foot injury, emergency room reports from the hospital after I came home, photographs of my filthy washroom and shredded shower curtain and dirty toilet and mold and mildew everywhere, and have jumped through every hoop they have demanded of me, but I still get the run around. I even sent them a court case "Noble v. Carnival" which shows how to easily overcome the Jurisdictional issue that Celebrity throws in people's face when anyone threatens to take them to court - it is not true that you have to file your lawsuit in Miami - you can do it anywhere. Also, despite what Celebrity says, you can easily overcome what it says in the contract. In fact, I never received any type of contract due to all of the errors in my original booking.

I am sorry to say that the cruise industry as a whole is experiencing many complaints and that the food and customer service keeps deteriorating. Maybe there are too many cruise lines and too many ships, all scurryig to get thousands of passengers off and on these ships every week, and have gotten out of control.

And I do feel sorry for the junior staff and lower level crew members, as they get paid very little and to me, they try very hard. It is the call centres, the higher management on the ship, and the management handling post cruise complaints that seem to be the problem.

I cruise many times a year. Am at a loss to what cruise line I try next, as there are so many complaints against Princess, HAL, RCCL and Carnival on these boards. I have gone on many other cruise lines, but expected more of Celebrity as I always had the impression they were a cut above.

I will continue to pursue Celebrity as the problems I incurred are unacceptable.
Hi Annista,

Sorry to hear about the inexcusable treatment that you received. INMHO four or five years ago, Celebrity used to be a cut above other cruise lines, but now IMHO, Celebrity is a rather large cut below other mainstream cruise lines. Sounds like the only way you could have received proper medical treatment for a problem caused by Celebrity is to threaten a lawsuit. It is very sad that it has to be that way.

Right now Celebrity and a few other cruise lines seem to feel that they can do anything that they want and the passenger has no recourse. Some on this board even subscribe to that theory. Hang in there and keep after them as it is unfortunate but it is the only way to get problems resolved.

I would recommend trying Princess, HAL or most any cruise line and I would doubt very much it that kind of treatment would be allowed to happen.

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