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Thanks, Debra.

I truly think the only way that Celebrity will sit up and take notice is if people start filing small claims court actions against them. I costs very little and you can easily represent yourself. Once they start having to pay a lawyer to defend them, they will think again about settling. Especially if there is a lot of evidence against them.

The things that irk me the most is the following:

-Things are bound to go wrong, but it is Celebrity's failure to respond to problems that makes the situation worse.
- Despite me cutting and pasting other passengers complaints from various internet sites, who complained about the identical issues I did, (about either cold or scalding water in the showers, mold and mildew in the bathrooms, etc.,, ) Celebrity continues to email me back stating that these things didn't happen, aren't a problem, and nobody else has ever complained about them. Their blatant denial of problems, despite me having photographs of the horrible mold and mildew, is infuriating.
-Celebrity offers no customer service, and will not even correct its obvious accounting errors, without having to call every day for a month.
-Celebrity refuses to consider that they have ruined a passenger's vacation, and it adds insult to injury to have to come home and start writing letters to try to get some of the problems straightened out.

And I would like to point out, that when you see a poster constantly asking another poster what it would take to make that complaining poster happy, that is usually the cruise line trying to find out what they can do to shut the person up. All cruise lines monitor the boards every day. The posters don't have the authority to give someone compensation or an OBC, so their persistence in wanting to know what the complaining poster wants, is a tip off it is the cruise line.

This happened with someone on another cruise website that had a disasterous Princess cruise. Some poster didn't comment on anything in their post, other than to ask the complaining poster if they would accept a free cabin to end their problems. This was obviously Princess feeling out the complaining poster to get them off of there. the complaining poster wrote back and said, no, that he/she could not take a chance on being stranded in a foreign country again with all of the problems Princess created, and that their flight was costly, so even though they get a free cheap cabin, the cost of their flight is not reimbursed and they didn't want to take a chance and pay for another expensive flight and have another bad cruise. That poster offering the cabin didn't comment or wasn't seen on their again.

I really think I will soon post my photographs on one of these sites, (or direct people to the photographs) and then the people who bash the other people on here, can't say these problems don't exist. I think if people saw my photos, they would consider the standards on the ship absolutely unacceptable. I just can't understand why, if Celebrity has had so many complaints about mold and mildew since last fall and all winter and spring, they continue to book passengers into cabins without doing something to clean the mold and mildew. I almost cried when I walked into my cabin and washroom and saw the dirty bathroom. I immediately emailed my cousins, who were going to book with Celebrity, to tell them not to.

Time will tell if Celebrity responds properly to my complaints.
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