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Originally Posted by annista
I know because it was verified by the cruise line that they monitor the boards and often try to find out what the person wants. Many cruise lines have told me they monitor the boards, so if you are such an authority, you would know that. Staff on the ship have told me that the boards are monitored. No big secret.

In the Princess case, when the person said they did not want a free cabin, lo and behold they were suddenly contacted by Princess and a different type of offer was made. Up to that time, the person got nowhere with Princess. Again, Princess admitted to them that they posted that offer of a free cabin. Why would a normal person make an offer of a cabin when they have no control over the person getting it?

If people write on the boards that they are going on a certain cruise on a certain date, and will be reporting daily from the ship about their experience, then suddenly they get invited to all sorts of Captain's events and free champagne and staff contstantly asking them if there is anything they can do for them. That proves that the cruise line knows what goes on, on these boards.

I am not constantly bashing Celebrity - this is my first time on these boards, so please stop bashing me.

It certainly appears that your role on these boards are to intimidate new posters. Sorry it hasn't worked for me.

And the way you can tell that I am not working for another cruise line, is that I have the photographs, telephone answering machine messages from Celebrity, and triplicate charges on my credit card, to prove my complaints. Let me know if you would like to see them.
I would suggest that you read my post over again, I was very careful not to bash you or attack you stating twice that I was not commenting about your cruise.

I never suggested that you were working for another company only giving a hypothetical that my saying someone else working for Carnival or Princess is as valid as your saying that an individual checking on your cruise is working for Celebrity. I stand behind that and never referred to you as the individual. As a matter of fact there is someone else on this board who does the same thing.

As far as your comments about me being on here to to intimadate other posters I would suggest you go back and check my posting history. You will find that I am usually the first one to announce Celebrity new press releases or things that may be changing on the ships and this involves things that have nothing to do with Celebrity. I do call certain things as I see them but if you don't like that too bad.

I am not trying to intimidate or scare you but resent that if someone disagrees with you that you say they work for a cruise company.

You stated that the cruise lines read these boards and that is certainly true but there has never been a substantiated case that they make up fake names and pretend to be someone else. I wish I could say the same about other posters...
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