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Noid is here too. I've just been reading only lately. Kind of being a semi loner lately.

Battling this never ending divorce of 6 years. I must look on the brighter side and take one day at time believing there is a higher plan unbeknownst to me and in the ends the nasty people will have to answer for their actions.

I put a post on the Chat for Cruisers to solicit for some votes on a photo contest I entered. Check it out and give me a vote, if you want.

I wonder how Marty and her mom have been doing.

Dina - we are heading up north to get the boat in the water. FINALLY!!!

Bobby - @ChefNOID is the username.

Walter - sure hope you can get another one in. I just love all those hot months down there. It sure is the best way to cruise.

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