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Default Where to go with a 3 1/2 ? Tahiti, Caribbean or Europe?


I finally convinced my DH to go on a cruise for a 10 years wedding anniversary. This will probably be our only cruise, so I need to make a really good choice.

I would like to take a 10-12 days cruise, in order to have more cruise time for almost the same price.

We will be travelling with our daughter, who will be almost 4 y.o. at the time of travel. Unfortunately, I doubt I can leave her all day long at the kids program, specially since she does not speak any English.

I desperatly want to have some adult-time, and enjoy a few ports of call, but I dont want my daughter to spend most of her vacations alone, in a place she does not know.

Cruise line:
probably Royal Caribbean (for entertainment, kids programs, food )
or maybe Princess (for Tahiti)

I'm dreaming of Tahiti or maybe Europe.

These are very two expensive destinations, so I think that would be a nice opportunity to go without having to worry for meals.

What destination would you suggest?

Is Tahiti or Europe unrealistic with a young child?

I want to enjoy my trip too.

DH also needs to enjoy his trip, since it took me 5 years to convince him to go on a cruise.

Thanks for your advice!
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