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TRITON.... it is a wonderful port.. we spent a week there many years ago and I loved going back.. First before you leave the terminal check out the prices on the leather belts and silk hand crotched or macrame shawls..You can either get a guide/driver when you leave the terminal or check the postings for private guides.. The Old City is a miracle in itself. it was left to flounder and the owners rebuilt their homes and the area.. behind all those heavy wooden doors are/were lovely restaurants.. I could wander around there forever. You might want to see La Popa..and of couse the stupid fort.. Parrot Pop knows the exact name (Don Blas Lalazer), but there is a statue of a soldier who fought after they cut off a foot, then an arm...and so on. lol Our favorite place is The Dungeons.. now here you will get high pressure, but in between the high pressure and the junk are those shawls and I think they are made by women in prison.. the idea is that you want the silk or macrame..and bargain hard.. The vedors are outside and are very aggressive.. One day Ill tell you about an"antiquity" that Parrot Pop broke.. the driver begged us to go back to the cab.. but I insisted there was a primative mask I wanted. By the time I got the mask the cab was surrounded by soldiers and vendors.. An american speakig gentleman said we did not break an antiquity.. w paid the girl $50.00 and ran for our lives.. with our camers underneath us.. Oh yes..I love Cartegena..
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