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I was witness to this in April on the Freedom. I got to the theater ONE HOUR early. I had my camera there to help me kill time by looking at my pics I had taken. A group came in with a range of age from teen to nearly dead (70+) and they literally saved the FIRST TWO ROWS of seats for their family. They commented on how it was a special night for their elderly parents and took full advantage to BLOCK and HOG the whole two first rows. They showed up 45ish minutes before the show so my thought is, WHY couldn't the WHOLE party show up together at the same time....

I also saw it on January on the Valor for the blue rockers on Lido deck. I went to the deck party VERY EARLY and scouted all but three of the chairs were vacant. I went up there and three people were spaced out enough that when I was gonna sit down they rather rudely told me the seas were saved for their friends and family who were "on their way." On their way meant they showed up at 11:30 before the deck party started...I was there at around 10:30. I got the same for the other side of Lido deck chairs, it seems that "group" was one of 150 people and everywhere I went that cruise in Jan 09 seats/chairs were being saved for "their on their way" people...I didn't even sit in ONE of those blue rockers in seven days because people rudely saved them even to watch a movie at night!!!

I cruise alone. I take up one seat, so please, be nice, let me sit where I darn well want to!!!!

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