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We ve never stayed in a CC class cabin. I am told they are slightly larger, and you do get hors deouvres (sp?) everyday.

We have however stayed twice in a deluxe 2A cabin, once on Summit and again on Constellation. Both were 10 day cruises. We will be there a third time on Infinity in October which is a trans canal and is 14 days. We had enough room each time.

If we were to stay in another cabin type, we woiuld bite the bullet and try for a suite. I would not spend the extra for CC class.

As a suggestion, why not post a new topic here called CC vs. non CC or something like that. You will get plenty of feedback.

As far as any noise from the pool deck, as I said, we did not hear any. We are early risers, and 9032 (we have the same cabin on Infinity) is opposite the elevators, and there really is nothing above it on the pool deck. This business about hearing carts rolling and chairs scraping I think is overplayed. But then others may have something else to say.

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