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Parrot Pop and I have a saying.. "in retirement thera are no days off"..
We have found now that we are "older" body anyhow...that cruising is a very economical and efficient way of traveling. If you like a port which we did years ago in Cozumel from a cruise ship.. we went back and spent week..Places I had expected to fall in love with left me cold (Corsica), yet Lisbon, oh my.. We have not done that itinerary yet, but just finished my bucket list.. "going down the Amazon" and now we have been cruising from Barcelona..and oh the places we have been, Marrakesh, Tuscany, Malaga, Villafranche..and more to see on our next one in November and if the body and spirit are willing and the $$ hold out.. the Equinox from Rome next year.. The best is yet to be....
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