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Okay before I start on my reaction CM moderator folks,,, I am attempting to write this the best way I can without upsetting you or other CM dudes.

No personal attack, just an opinion on fat, greedy. ignorant passengers that just happen to walk down the same corridors as the rest of us when on a ship.

This is a ship announcement, You may be a fat, greedy and selfish person, but you can leave that behind on here and you may be the sort of person that will kill for the last buffalo wing on the hot plate. On here this is not a competition, nor will you starve, but by denying others, they will just think of you as

A FAT GREEDY B….. oh you are wasting my cruise and everywhere I go I will always see you.

In fact I will go as far as saying that for all sorts of reasons people will do or react like that, and not just food.

On my last cruise I loved the under cover pool area, did I do it everyday,,NO,,as there was a pain in the ass couple that from x hour would be in there and just wind me up by their actions

Who was wrong them or me. Me I think because I gave up an experience because someone "else" wound me up.

I'll bet that happens all the time especially in ship dining rooms, just walk away, its easier. But honestly why when acceptance is with the majority do we allow the minority to take over and influence
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