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Originally Posted by T C
What's all the "worry" about??? You are going to be on vacation!! The tips are charged to your sail & sign card anyway ... that's less worrry to me You guarantee the sail & sign card with either a credit card or cash .. or both Relax ... enjoy the cruise don't overspend if you have to worry about the final bill, just add the tip factor in ahead of time. (and in the rare case that it should need adjusting, there won't be any problems)
Here's the deal.... if you only have a certain amount of cash and you already paid tips, all the cash you on your card is yours and not already accounted for.
For example... we will probably put a total of $400 on sign & sail cash. If I don't prepay my tips, $140 is already spoken for.
I just like to know the money I put on is the amount I can spend. (or not)
As far as debit card goes.... since they put a hold on it and I have to leave on vacation knowing I have scheduled bills to pay it works better this time to use cash.
It's easier to save for me, if put down a little at a time instead of trying to take a chunk out of 1 or 2 paychecks.
no worries for me and I say whatever works best for you that's the way you should go.
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