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Originally Posted by Michelle1959
I recommend keeping $50 cash on you for small purchases you m,ay make, as well as tips, while you are in a port. What I do is keep one envelope containing $50 in small bills in my cabin safe - one for each port day as well as one for each travel day (for meals/snacks in airports).

Thenk, just carry the day's cash in a deep front pants pocket and put a fake wallet with fake money on top of it). If someone picks your pocket, they will get the fake wallet. Keep your ids' passport, S&S card, etc, in either a money belt or other security pouch.

I'll now be using a bra pouch for ids, credit card, and a 5 $20 bills for emergencies).This clips on to my bra strap; then it's easy to get to if you need it. I also don't have to keep checking my pockets to make sure a wallet didn't get stolen. I guarangee I'll know if someone gets their hand down my cleavage!

Why the fake wallet? Its asking for trouble. If you dont carry a real one or its hidden better then you wont be a target anyway. Hide your money and keep the wallet pickers away. Dont be a victim..
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