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Wow...Ryan called my review cool. I feel so special. For real. lol.

Going to say it now...sorry for any typos...I'm on my laptop and I don't have spell check on here. lol

St.Thomas, USVI
The family woke up fairly early today for St.Thomas. My mom has been there before on a land vacation and kept bragging about how breathtaking the island was. She was already out for her morning workout and the boyfriend and I headed out for a late breakfast. The view from the ship was breaktaking! I love seeing the mountains. In port with us was two other ships. Carnival Freedom and Carnival...dang, I forgot. Sorry. lol. But we ate breakfast, the usual, and came back to our cabins to get bottled water and sunscreen. We got off the ship without any drama this time(Thank goodness). We didn't have a set agenda, we are really laid back and take things as they come. Right after getting off the ship and turning a corner, was TONS of little shops selling the same things. We went into what seemed like EVERY shop! I came up with the idea that when we came back from doing whatever we were going to do....THEN we will go shopping. I'm glad they listened. We walked outside and was approached by a taxi driver. His name was Julius. All the locals were very nice by the way. He charged us 12 dollars a person for a full tour of the island. The "taxi" was a pickup truck with benches in the back in the bed with shadding. Not to bad, very airy. Just don't set anything on the won't see it again, well, maybe crushed on the road. People here drive VERY fast. Almost DANGEROUSLY fast. But it was still fun.

Our first stop on the island was a peak look over with store. Other tours were there as well and Julius walked in with us. We took pictures over looking the islands of St.Croix and St.John while Julius gave us a brief history of the islands and island life. He showed us where the middleclass lived-those houses go for 500 thousand! It was crazy, cause they weren't that nice. We stopped in the store, and shopped. I got a shot glass to add to my collection and picked up some for my dad while everyone else bought tee-shirts. Our next stop was what I like to call the "Offical" St.Thomas drop off. It was...I can't even think of an adjective good enough to describe it. But it was what I thought of when I think of St. Thomas. You could see all the cruise ships in port, and all the islands and houses and everything else. Some one on here might know the name of it, it is the highest point of view on the island. Anyway, we loaded our truck to head downtown...for what you may ask?...More....SHOPPING! We reached downtown about 20 mins later....and by this time...we all could have eaten the little random chickens St.Thomas had running around. Greatfully, no one wanted to shop, so we asked Julius to take us to get some REAL St.Thomas island food (Since we passed a Mickey D's and KFC on the way lol) he took us to this spot, on a backroad where a lot of locals were. We got red rice with beans and chicken, a big box of it, for 7 dollars. Not bad. Then, Julius drove us to a hotel and told us if we walked straight back...we would come upon a beach. It was around 1, and he told us he would be back at 3:30. We didn't bring our Carnival Beach towels(Big and bulky and heavy when wet) so we laid back under a palm tree in the shade eating. The food was really good! Then we went into the water. There wasn't that many people on the beach, and the people that were there, came from the hotel. The water was cold just like at HMC, but still so pretty. We just lounged in the water. My boyfriend and I decided if something was to happen and we could not go to Bora Bora Island for our Honeymoon, St.Thomas would be next on the list...then Disney World. haha. Marquice is more of the swimming type, always wanting to go way out, so while he did that, I caught up on some reading on the shore in the shade. Too soon, it was time to go and Julius came to come get us from the beach. We made the long ride back to the peir. We had to make a couple of detours, St.Thomas always has some type of road construction going on according to my mother, and it was rush hour traffic. We made it back to ship around 4, with an hour and half to sail off...So you know what THAT means...
NAP TIME FOR JAY AND MARQUICE! YEAAAA! lol. We woke up around 7, only to find that we were not moving. We get showed and dressed for dinner. On the way, we ask why we were not moving and just sitting in front of some island and were informed that San Juan is not that far from here and we would REALLY sail off later that night. That all sounded grand to me, cause the I could always feel the ship moving and it made me seasick.

After dinner, me and Marquice went to change to find something to do that night. We walked into the Thriller dance class which was taking place right in front of the Casino with close to 100 people trying to learn. So we skipped because there was no room for us. (Later that week, we regretted not taking the class after finding out MJ had passed...). We walked about till 11 when the Quest started. You had to be 18, but no one checks for id's unless you are trying to get into the clubs. Marquice looks older than me, while I look 15, and people were looking at me weird. lol. We found a group, a guy named Clarence and his wife who was in the bathroom at the time. He asked us if we were really 18 because we looked so young. His wife came back and he introduced us and she gave us a stank look and said "We are playing with little kids?!?" we informed her that were 18...because she pissed me off, I said I would be 19 in a couple months (yeah...I lied.) The game started off asking for simple stuff, such as a roll of paper, and a piece of candy, but quickly went raunchy. I left the game to go get some raunchy materials...(haha...don't ask lol), by the time I got back, I was out of breath cause I ran all the way, but they asked for the item I was just got from the room. YES! Points for our team. That night, I saw two woman make out, a man in a bra and thong, butt loads of condoms and lube, 5 sex toys, crazy sex positions, and learned what "Moater Boating" was. was a fun night. Our team lost, but hey, we had fun.

12 came and we headed to the arcade to play some more games before we headed up to the lido for some gross pizza (dough too sweet) then we sat around singing and dancing to the music videos on the big screen and watching fast little 12 yearolds walk around like hootchie mammas. Then we went back to my room to watch Bride Wars....but ended up watching the inside of our eyelids.

Next port...and my faveee...San Juan, PR!
Jay = ]

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