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Day 4 MSC Splendida…

Yesterday was our first full day at Sea. It turns out we only boarded about 1000 mostly French in St Nazaire yesterday for the sailaway from the shipyard for this ship’s maiden cruise. Last night the ship seemed pretty full at times, but certainly not in the dining room which was mostly empty.

After dinner we were walking around the ship and we noticed something extraordinary. The daily schedule had this evening marked out as “informal” which the ship’s information describes as jacket and tie. We saw women and men in tennis shows – there were no dress jackets. In place we saw men in what looked like fishing jackets, made of camouflage khaki and with ten pockets and no sleeves.

Literally, if there is any way NOT to dress in proper clothes these people found it, and I mean to say no one was dressed properly, I have never seen anything like it in my life!

There were men in muscle shirts – black skin-tight polyester see-through knits, with chains hanging from the pockets and sandals. There were women in tight European jeans, halter tops and sandals. I mean it was mockery of the word “formal” or even “informal,” it was a style of dress that has nothing at all to do with the word formal.



I don’t know if the French just have NO idea what cruise ship dress is like, or (the other theory) that this cruise was sold very quickly and inexpensively due to the scheduled G8 conference being cancelled at the last minute. But it is shocking to think that the space that was to be the G8 conference was taken over by the people who dress like the people who normally picket outside a G8 conference. My friend and myself, dressed in our suits, stood out like sore thumbs.

Today we board some 2000 more Spanish, so it will be a different ship yet again tonight. We’ll see if the Spanish can dress any better than the French!

Bon Soire, Bona Sera, Buenos Noches, Guten Nagen and Good Evening ladies and gentlemen! We went to the show last night, which is conducted in some five languages.
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