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Okay got my thoughts together and it works in quite a simple way... I was here first...

Seen it more times than I care to remember. The only person standing in front of a bank of four lift doors, and press the button to go wherever.

And before the lift arrives the Windjammer has a mass evacuation and we have old folks, young folks, folks in wheel chairs etc arriving....and then the lift arrives. SO now here is soft lad trying to let the folks in chairs, with sticks or just looking down right feeble in before me, and what happens.

Those with the legs and the power just fill the lift as their legs got them in first,,young and old. I feel like standing in front of the glass or metal door closing before me and shout " You shower of arrogant selfish Bhstards I hope the cable snaps as you stood all over us to get in there"

I look at the faces of those left behind for the next lift, if it evers comes and think this could go on all day.

What goes on in these peoples minds are they so arrogant and selfish that they dont see or care about other people.

If so, I really hope the cable breaks or at least it breaks down and traps them all for hours
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