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Downtown Juneau!!

It was packed with tourists! I believe there were 4 ships in port that day. The area of Juneau near the docks is very touristy w/ lots of touristy shopping. I had enough after about 30 minutes. It reminded me of Nassau, only colder. We headed for the fringes of the city to get away from the crowds.

We toured the capital bldg. No crowds there ! This was free and I guess it was interesting if you are into that sort of stuff.

We walked around some more until we came to our destination!

The Hanger!
This is a local place that Kyle and Lynn had recommended as a great place to get lunch. It's inside the big blue bldg on the water -- you can't miss it. Away from the crowds. Great view of the water, seaplanes taking off and landing, great burgers and chicken sandwiches and it's a brewery, too. Try the limited edition Raspberry Beer --- really good --- or if you don't like fruit in your beer, get the White Beer -- also really good.

My sister and her husb ate at the Twisted Fish right as you leave the docks and enter Juneau --- tourist trap --- she said it wasn't that good and very crowded.

And then we walked back to the ship since we had all aboard at 2:30 pm.
Walking was a mistake. It's a very long walk back to the RCL dock and mostly uphill which leads us to TIP #9.

TIP # 9: Take the shuttle to and from Juneau if you don't have excursion transport. This walk will make you not care if you miss the ship.

TIP # 10: Always ask the locals for advice on where to go, what to see, and where to eat. They know all the good places and are usually pleased to be able to share some of their secrets. We were never given bad advice.

That night we saw the Liar's Club Game Show. It was really not good. Really. Skip it and go to the casino instead.

This is how low the clouds were in Juneau..

Here are local wildlife trying to eat your breakfast when you are not looking...

Next up is... Oh No! The Last Day!

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